Sponsored by Santa Cruz Guitar:

SCGC welcomes you to design a custom guitar via their new website feature. Start with your desired base model, and select your choice of various tonewoods, bracing, neck specs, finish, inlays, appointments and more, many of which are included in the cost of any Santa Cruz Guitar.

Reference their extensive
catalog of photos to see all the possible custom variations, and be walked
through the design process via an easy to use form that shows all the options
available on each standard model. Once completed, the design will be emailed
directly to your inbox, as well as to Santa Cruz Guitar Company, who can assist
with any design questions or get you in touch with one of your local,
independent SCGC dealers, if requested. There’s no pressure to buy, just have
fun dreaming up your ultimate acoustic guitar, built by Santa Cruz Guitar
Company’s seventeen talented luthiers in their small, California shop.

SCGC thanks you for your support of traditional lutherie and local guitar shops!

Design your custom guitar: https://santacruzguitar.com/design-your-own/